Guildford Mahjong Club


Who are we?

A friendly group of Mahjong enthusiasts in or around Guildford, Surrey. New players are always welcome.

Where and when do we meet?

We play at the Guildford Institute every 2 weeks. Checkout out Meetup group to see the next club night and sign up.

Join our meetup group RSVP via our Meetup group
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Is there any cost?

There is no annual membership fee for the mahjong club as such, but all members and guests are asked to contribute £3.50 each time they play to cover ther rental of of the room at ther Guildford Institute.

Can you teach me how to play?

We run organised induction courses for beginners from time to time, but also encourage players with only limited experience who are willing to learn, to participate and learn as they go.

What rules do we use?

There are many rule sets and ways of playing mahjong. The two principal codes formally supported by the European Mahjong Association (EMA) are: Riichi (RCR) and the Mahjong Competition Rules (MCR). Both these codes are recognised and supported by the World Mahjong Organisation (WMO) which oversees world championship events at prescribed intervals.

We play to the Riichi rules. These are available here.

Some of our members are also beginning to explore MCR which has equally wide support throughout Europe.

I’m interested in playing. Who do I get in touch with?

Any of our club officers. See the contacts here.